Publishing with Založba ZRC

Each publication of Založba ZRC is issued by one (or more) of the ZRC SAZU institutes. This applies to both monographs and journals. While publishing practices and peer reviewing of ZRC SAZU journals are described in more detail on their respective websites, this text describes the publishing process of Založba ZRC monographs.

For monographs, the institute assigns an editor to each book, who is an institute member and most often a researcher. The editor, sometimes with the help of consultants, decides whether the publication meets the publishing criteria and may suggest the institute to include the publication in the future releases plan. This process should not take more than 3 months.

The ZRC SAZU institutes submit their publishing plan, including the title, anticipated month of publication, the name of the editor of the monograph, source of funding, and other bibliographic data to the editor-in-chief of Založba ZRC. The publishing plan for the next two years is approved twice a year by the Založba ZRC Advisory Board.

All Založba ZRC monographic publications have at least two peer reviewers. The review process is managed by the editor and it should not last more than 6 months.

ZRC SAZU actively supports open science. Authors of Založba ZRC publications must agree to the copyright provisions and follow the ethical principles for publication. There is no Book Processing Fee charged to authors.

Advisory board

Members of Založba ZRC Advisory Board (from December 2017):


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