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The Institute of Musicology brings together a group of researchers charged with researching the history of the musical heritage up to the twentieth century associated with the territory of present-day Slovenia. An e-collection of data on early music manuscripts in Slovenia has been growing; so, too, has a series of critical editions of music. For several years, the Institute has been publishing an academic journal De musica disserenda and organizing scholarly meetings as well as concerts of early music. The members of the Institute are engaged in specialized analytical research projects relating to the national musical heritage of Slovenia and its position within the wider European context.

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Jurij Slatkonja (1456–1522). Od Kranjske do Dunaja

Lilijana Žnidaršič Golec (ed.), Metoda Kokole (ed.)
4. January 2024

Iacobus Gallus: Opus musicum I/3. A dominica septuagesimae per quadragesimam de poenitentia

Monumenta artis musicæ Sloveniæ VII
Marko Motnik (ed.)
29. March 2023

Iacobus Gallus: Opus musicum I/2. De nativitate, circumcisione et epiphania Domini

Monumenta artis musicæ Sloveniæ VI
Marko Motnik (ed.)
28. March 2023

Iacobus Gallus: Opus musicum I/1. In adventu Domini nostri Iesu Christi

Monumenta artis musicæ Sloveniæ V.
Marko Motnik (ed.)
10. January 2023

Amandus Ivančič: Sonate a tre

Monumenta artis musicæ Sloveniæ I.
Metoda Kokole (ed.)
6. April 2020

Muzikološke razprave, in memoriam Danilo Pokorn

Nataša Cigoj Krstulović (ed.), Tomaž Faganel (ed.), Metoda Kokole (ed.)
10. February 2005