Jurij Slatkonja (1456–1522). Od Kranjske do Dunaja


Lilijana Žnidaršič Golec (ed.)

The book by seven internationally renowned authors from the fields of history, musicology and art history deals with the life, work and portraits of Georg Slatkonia from Ljubljana, an ecclesiastical dignitary and organiser of Maximilian I’s court music chapel. The book is divided into three thematic sections. The first deals with Slatkonia’s life and career. Particular attention is paid to his local and social origins, the influence of his network of acquaintances on his career and his role after his consecration as Bishop of Vienna in 1513. The second part is dedicated to Slatkonia as a musician. The first chapter provides a historiographical overview of the writings on Georg Slatkonia as a musician and assesses his known compositions. This is followed by an account of the organisation of the imperial court chapel in Slatkonia’s time and an assessment of his role. The third chapter of this section provides an overview of musical activities in the territory of present-day Slovenia at the time of Slatkonia. The final section offers a study of Slatkonia’s portraits from the early modern period and an analysis regarding the authorship of his epitaph in Vienna Cathedral. All contributions are based on archival sources, some of which have been used for the first time in this publication. Slatkonia’s life and work are placed in both a national and a wider European context.

Co-publisher Slovenska matica.


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4. January 2024

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