Kritične izdaje stare glasbe med preteklostjo in prihodnostjo. Ob štiridesetletnici zbirke Monumenta artis musicae Sloveniae


The series of critical editions of early music from the Slovenian national heritage Monumenta artis musicae Sloveniae celebrated in 2023 forty years of its existence. The first volume came out in 1983 and currently 63 volumes have been published in the main series and four in the Supplementa sub-series. A number of eminent Slovenian and also other musicologists and musicians have contributed to this important mission of the Institute of Musicology. This publication is a brief history of the 40 years of the series, told by its authors and editors. Special attention is paid to the Opera Omnia by the most important Slovenian Renaissance composer Jacobus Handl - Gallus, but also to two musicians who actively contributed to musical life in the territory of present-day Slovenia: Gabriello Puliti and Giacomo Gorzanis. Their music has survived in various written formats, from white mensural notation in separate partbooks to organ and lute inatabulations all ‘translated’ in the Monumenta series into scores readable to modern musicians. The final section is devoted to the challenges of the editions of early music in the digital future.


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23. April 2024


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