Zgodnja zgodovina srednjeveških mest na Slovenskem. Primerjalna študija o neagrarnih naselbinskih središčih od zgodnjega srednjega veka do 13. stoletja

The book provides an in-depth scholarly study in the field of comparative urban history. It focuses on the early phases in the development of medieval urban settlements (towns and market towns) in the present-day Slovenian territory that have been largely neglected in the hitherto historical overviews. These phases occurred in the period of early and high Middle Ages. Contrary to popular belief, it was not only in the 12th–13th century that most urban settlements were simply “established" anew and granted town privileges in the middle of the agrarian countryside. In most cases, the development was much more variegated and complex. Many urban settlements had a long prehistory and early development phases that would only centuries bring about the emergence of an integrated “medieval town" in legal, urban and social terms. By using the examples of Ptuj, Slovenj Gradec, Škofja Loka and Gorica, the book presents a few types of early urban development and thus opens new perspectives in the understanding of this important problem of European medieval history.


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23. March 2009

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