Skupaj zmoremo. Pripomočki za odkrit pogovor o stigmi in diskriminaciji v duševnem zdravju


Duška Knežević Hočevar

This manual ('Together We Can: Tools For Open Discussions About Stigma And Discrimination In Mental Health') offers some ideas for starting a conversation about stigma and discrimination in mental health. Its structure enables everyone to organise dialogues in various communities: at home, at school, in the workplace, among friends, etc. The manual is designed for everyone who strives to reduce stigma and discrimination through an open discussion. It is aimed at concrete action, at change. The booklet comprises two parts. The first part combines the lived experience of stigma and discrimination by people with mental health difficulties, on the one hand, and informed knowledge on the issue by the research group of the OMRA programme, on the other hand. This part further brings an explanation of the terms stigma and discrimination, and their relationship, as well as how both phenomena impact our wellbeing and behaviour, and what meaning is ascribed to them by various communities.


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19. January 2021

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ISBN-13 (15)


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