Zeleno je dobro. Načrtovanje urbanih zelenih površin z ljudmi, ne za ljudi


Jasna Fakin Bajec, Katarina Polajnar Horvat, Petra Kolenc, Martin Pogačar, Aleš Smrekar, Jernej Tiran

This toolkit has been developed during the implementation of Urban Green Belts (UGB) project (Interreg, Central Europe) which main objective was to improve planning, management and decision-making capacities of the public sector related to urban green spaces, thus creating integrated sustainable UGS planning and management systems. Special attention was given to functional urban areas (FUA), a functional economic unit characterised by densely inhabited “urban cores” and “hinterlands” whose labour market is highly integrated with the cores. Following a comparative situation analysis, the partners jointly designed innovative methods and tools to facilitate sustainable UGS management. Presented toolkit has been primarily developed as a Model for a Community Involvement. The presented methods and tools for community building were tested in three pilot studies conducted in Maribor (Slovenia), Krakow (Poland), and Budapest (Hungary).

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15. May 2019


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