Affect’s Social Lives. Post-Yugoslav Reflections

Why is the talk about Yugoslavia still emotionally charged and situated in the registers of passion, pain, sentimental recollections, or nostalgia even 30 years after its violent dissolution? How is the sphere of the affective, sensory, and embodied fundamental to understanding the historical project of Yugoslavia and its afterlives? Social Lives of Affect: Post-Yugoslav Reflections addresses these questions and explores how the attempts to conceptually capture our social realities in their messy, fluid, and indeterminate natures contribute to a nuanced understanding of the complex sociopolitical processes in the region. Moreover, the book shows how using affect to understand social realities in their constant transformation often challenges not only the expected politics of belonging, identification, and solidarity but also how we (as scholars) give them sociopolitical meaning. It allows observing the social dynamics beyond an exclusive focus on the ethno-national (and increasingly racial) differences emphasized in the scholarly examinations of Yugoslavia.



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15. May 2023

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