Poskus rekonstrukcije neuresničenega Narodnega muzeja v Gorici. 1910–1914


Lidija Tavčar

The establishment of the Slovenian National Museum in Gorica and its creation before the First World War was undoubtedly a nationally progressive act in Gorica, equally and evenly embedded in the conditions through which the social development of all Slovenians took place. The explanation of this situation among Slovenians was specially dedicated to facilitate understanding of the conditions that paved the way for cultural phenomena and activities, including those that took care of cultural heritage and its preservation in institutions such as museums, libraries and archives and related private collections held by individuals or in institutions (parish archives , libraries of various societies, schools) particularly important in the western Slovenian ethnic fringe. The monograph mainly deals with the questions of how the Slovenian museum was created, who were its initiators and implementers, who were the donors and what they donated for the emerging museum collection. The book is therefore also an attempt to mentally reconstruct this unrealized museum on the basis of accessible literature and sources, among which the local newspapers of the time, Soča and Gorica, are especially important, whose content gives us an insight into historical facts, and also reveals the life of the population of Goriška region at the time.


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22. September 2023

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