Further Discussions on Labour Mobility in the EU


This book follows up on the 2018 edited volume Labour Mobility in the EU, which offered explorations of several existing and emerging challenges concerning labour mobility in the European Union (EU) through the prism of different professions and mobile professionals. Conceptually, the book follows its predecessor by providing a collection of essays covering various topics, perspectives, and geographical contexts that address the dynamics of labour mobility in the EU. In terms of the content, the second volume exceeds the first volume by including the reflections, perspectives, and critical analyses of renowned foreign researchers and scholars who provide timely and thought-provoking snapshots of some of the core issues lingering in the overlap between the EU-labour market dynamics and cross-border labour mobility patterns. The book’s seven chapters are written by ten authors from four different EU countries. Despite their different academic backgrounds, they are all part of a tight-knit and dedicated network of scholars and researchers of migration, mobility, and (transnational) social protection in the EU.



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22. December 2023

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