Geografski informacijski sistemi v Sloveniji 2007–2008


Marjan Čeh, David Hladnik, Marko Krevs, Drago Perko, Tomaž Podobnikar, Nika Razpotnik, Zoran Stančič, Matija Zorn

A monograph, ninth in a row, in 42 scientific and professional articles presents on overview of temporary use of geographic information systems (GIS) in Slovenia.

Many possibilities of their use are introduced; three-quarters of all articles present applicability of GIS. Furthermore possibilities of their use in geography, geology, geodesy, cartography, pedology, biology, forestry, civil engineering, and hydrology are introduced, as well their use in dialectology, archeology, history, by cultural heritage and natural hazards research and in addition also the use in spatial planning.

Co-publishers: Zveza geografskih društev Slovenije; Zveza geodetov Slovenije


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18. September 2008

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