Imago iustitiae. Historični sprehod skozi preiskovanje, sojenje in pravo pri plemstvu v poznem srednjem veku

The Middle Ages individual had many possibilities for eliminating various conflicts. To the middle of the 14th century a system was formed which subordinated the nobility to the province court; for the non-privi¬leged to patrimonial, town. In this book (A Historical Survey on Judicial Inquest, Administring Justice and Law among the Nobility in the Late Middle Age) the survey of general rules of judging, judicial proccedings and customs is followed by examples of individual basic judicial manners: church courts, vasal courts, province court for the nobil¬ity, land-prince judging, land courts and non institutional arbitration and finally violent legal in today Slovenia between 12th and 15th century.


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1. December 1994


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