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Ljubljansko geografsko društvo & Založba ZRC

The series ('LGD Guides') contains guides for thematic excursions organised annually by the Geographical Society of Ljubljana (LGD) in Slovenian landscapes, as well as guides for foreign countries visited by participants of their traditional excursions. Despite their technical depth, the guides are also aimed at non-geographers who want to learn more about the destinations of their excursions, as the descriptions include detailed itineraries in addition to the usual sketches of the main natural and socio-geographical features.

Details:  https://zalozba.zrc-sazu.si/p/A13

Online ISSN 2784-4323
Print ISSN 2232-5522

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Vodniki LGD / Amerika 1
Blaž Repe, Robert Brus
31. March 2012