Umetnine v žepu

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Umetnostnozgodovinski inštitut Franceta Steleta / France Stele Institute of Art History

Umetnine v žepu ('Works of Art in a Pocket') is a series of pocket books with which the ZRC SAZU Institute of Art and History of Franceto Stele fills one of the gaps in thinking, writing and reading about and understanding art monuments and spaces in Slovenia. In the first year of publication, the project was supported by the City of Ljubljana as part of the programme "Ljubljana - World Book Capital 2010", so the introductory booklets are dedicated to the artistic heritage of the capital, and later other important places were added. The authors explain works of art and monuments in a professional and popular way, which is also richly illustrated, and place them in a broad social context. The booklets not only tell about past times, which in many ways are very similar to the present, but also speak vividly about the present and the future, presenting cultural and political history.


Online ISSN 2712-276X
Print ISSN 2232-3775

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Umetnine v žepu 3
Vesna Krmelj
5. November 2010

Spomenik revolucije Draga Tršarja

Umetnine v žepu 2
Jure Mikuž
1. November 2010

NUK. Narodna in univerzitetna knjižnica

Umetnine v žepu 1
Damjan Prelovšek
21. June 2010