Poimenovanja Piranskega zaliva


Drago Kladnik

The monograph presents different names of Piran Bay (Slo. Piranski zaliv) over time. Despite the leading onomastic topic, the publication is designed as a regional-geographic review of Piran Bay and its hinterland, where all the main physical- and socio-geographical characteristics are presented. This book describes the basic hydro-geographic characteristics of Piran Bay as a part of Gulf of Trieste and the Adriatic Sea. The monograph talks about the historical development, salt making in Sečovlje salt pans and the circumstances that led to the now more than two decades-long border dispute between Slovenia and Croatia. A significant chapter is dedicated to the presentation of the different naming of the Bay of Piran through time. According to the chronological order, 104 different cartographic sources present the name changes of the Piran Bay through time and when a certain specific geographic name appeared. Based on media analysis, one of the chapters describes the relation between the names Savudrijska vala or Savudrijski zaljev (Savudrija Bay) and Piranski zaliv or Piranski zaljev (Piran Bay).


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18. June 2014

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