Slovenski lingvistični atlas 2. Kmetija


The second volume of the Slovenian Linguistic Atlas (SLA 2) for the thematic field “farm" (SLA 2.1 Atlas and SLA 2.2 Commentaries) shows extreme lexical variety of Slovenina dialects (over 2300 lexemes) and is opening up the possibilities for the new linguistic, ethnological, historical, cultural and interdisciplinary studies. It contains questions from the thematic field of ‘rural material and cultural heritage’, i.e. nouns and verbs that designate places and items in Slovenian farmhouses, outbuildings and farm work. The dialect material has been collected in 417 data-points within the borders of Slovenia and in certain pockets within its neighbouring countries: Italy, Austria, Hungary, and Croatia. The commentaries (in SLA 2.2 Commentaries) have an unified form, representing the dialect material (part 1), the morphological analysis of dialect lexemes (part 2), the specifics of mapping (part 3) and pointers to the maps of related linguistic atlases (part 4). The novelty of the second volume of the Slovenian Linguistic Atlas is ethnological explanation and presentation of lexemes in the questionnaire, and their illustrations (made especcialy for this volume). The second volume of the Slovenian Linguistic Atlas (SLA 2.1 Atlas) contains linguistic maps (lexical, word-formative and/or semantic maps) and indexes of mapped words (lexemes) as the result of linguistic analyses and geolinguistic presentations of this perticular part of the living cultural heritage (i.e. farm).

Both books (atlas and book of commentaires) are equipped with the lists (indexes) of places (data-points), writers (collectors) and years of the records (also on the maps), translations of 88 questions in eight foreign languages, a word index, and backward list (index) of 88 questions (dictionary entries), a list of linguistic and ethnological literature, a list of symbols and abbreviations, the summary in English language and the renewed map of Slovenian dialects.



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4. May 2016

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