Jezikovni atlasi

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Inštitut za slovenski jezik Frana Ramovša / Fran Ramovš Institute of the Slovenian Language

The national language atlas, along with grammars, spelling books, dictionaries, etc., is one of the linguistic works useful for broader scientific and educational purposes at home and abroad. The central work of the series, the Slovenski lingvistični atlas ('Slovene Linguistic Atlas'), was conceived by Fran Ramovš in 1934. It represents both the linguistic and cultural richness of the Slovene nation, but above all it is a very rich source for further linguistic as well as sociolinguistic and ethnological research and for illuminating linguistic-cultural contacts and connections with other, especially neighbouring, nations and their languages.


Online ISSN 2784-4307
Print ISSN 2232-5255

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Slovenski lingvistični atlas 3. Kmetovanje – orodja, opravila

Jezikovni atlasi
Jožica Škofic (ed.)
7. November 2023

Besedotvorni atlas slovenskih narečij. Kulturne rastline

Jezikovni atlasi
Mojca Horvat
7. June 2018

Slovenski lingvistični atlas 2. Kmetija

Jezikovni atlasi 2
Jožica Škofic (ed.)
4. May 2016

Slovenski lingvistični atlas 1. Človek – telo, bolezni, družina

Jezikovni atlasi
Jožica Škofic (ed.)
31. March 2012