Tih spomin vsem žrtvam boja. Diferenciacija in interference v slovenskem pesnjenju med drugo svetovno vojno 1941–1945


Marija Stanonik

The monograph Iz kaosa kozmos (From Chaos to Cosmos) and the first two books from the Poezija konteksta (Poetry of Context) series explore the poetry created during the period of the Slovenian resistance movement and the related revolution during the Second World War (1941-1945). The third and fourth book analyze the poetry created by Slovenians who in the Second World War were forcefully drafted into the German army; Slovenians who lived in the period of the Italian occupation of the Slovenian territory under the 1920 Treaty of Rapallo; and those who were mobilized into the Italian army during WWII.

The fifth book ('In Memory of All Victims of War: Differentiation and Interferences in Slovenian Poetry during the Second World War 1941-1945') examines different groups of people who did not agree with the agenda of the Liberation Front and acted against it. “Preface" examines the common ground between both political options, with examples which demonstrate that the reality of war and the fate of individuals who experienced it were much more intertwined and related than it could be gleaned from the slogans of that period. The chapter “Types of Poetry Created by the Home Guard" reveilles, ironical anthems, and satirical poems – are an exact mirror image of partisan poetry. The chapter titled “Motifs in the Home Guard Poetry" deals with the themes of fight, thought, and death, which up to now have never been examined and presented to the general public. Three characteristic authors presented in this chapter are Vinko Žitnik, Vid Ambrožič, and Tine Debeljak; the latter was able to grasp the tragedy of the Slovenian schism more than anyone else. Both political options quote France Prešeren’s poem “Baptism at the Savica".


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15. February 2016


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