Zgodovina historične misli. Od Homerja do začetka 21. stoletja


Marjeta Šašel Kos (ed.)
Nada Grošelj (ed.)

A two-volume historical survey of development in historiography, the “History of Historiographical Thought" (Zgodovina historične misli) is the second Slovene edition (another edition was published in Serbia in 2013). A little less than 900 pages of text offers an insight into almost three millennia of the development of historiography; new translations and comments of essential oeuvres of western historical thought range from an in-depth analysis of the development of historiography in the Greek and Roman period, a detailed review of medieval authors (including Byzantium), the Renaissance period, and, finally, a detailed and balanced review of early modern and modern authors, including bits of their most influential deliberations on the meaning of historiography.  The “History of Historiographical Thought" also deals with the ideas of national and positivistic interpretation of the past, the issue of the so-called sources in the modern historiography, the estimated impact of postmodernism in the last decades of the 20th century and, finally, the development of the new cultural history which led us into the 21st century.

The selected texts written by historians as well as philosophers, political theorists, theologians etc. are equipped with introductory notes, surpassing the conventional frame of historiography, since it introduces a series of authors belonging to other genres.

Third edition (html only) was published in 2019.


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2. August 2016


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