Terminološki slovar avtomatike [prva izdaja]


Rihard Karba, Gorazd Karer, Juš Kocijan, Tadej Bajd, Mojca Žagar Karer

The dictionary comprises 1753 terms from the field of automatic control, which includes mathematical modelling, simulation of dynamical systems, automation technology with the relevant elements, and robotics. The field is also interconnected with signal processing, information technologies and production technologies. The dictionary is aimed at experts and students who deal with control technology and dynamical systems within technical as well as non-technical domains. The terms are explained either by a definition, which places a concept in the concept system of the domain, or by a cross-reference, which suggests a more suitable term. The normative data strives to make the terminology in the field of automatic control, systems and robotics more unified. This is important because different terms used for the same concept often result in misunderstandings that prevent precise and effective communication among experts. The domain is strongly connected to English terminology, therefore English equivalents are also provided in the dictionary.

Second, augmented and revisited edition of the dictionary was published as an e-book only (html) within the  Terminologišče portal (2018).


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30. October 2014


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