Tradicija v sodobnost. Janče - zeleni prag Ljubljane


The book ('Tradition in the Contemporary World. Janče: the Green Threshold of Ljubljana') deals with dimensions of tradition in modernity, as reflected  in the half-urbanized environment on the northeastern outskirts of  Ljubljana - at Janče with its surroundings. The author analyzes the  concept of tradition, which is one of the core in ethnology and folklore  studies, and presents its concretizations in the ethnographic field,  especially its role in local festivals. She mainly focuses on peasant  work and its ritual dimensions as well as on other types of  heritage/tradition of rural environment. Heritage is not only positively  valued by local inhabitants, but also represented in the idealistic  form, thus creating rural idyll, attractive for tourists. Having a  special value, it has become the means of invoking and preserving  identifications with certain communities and the area itself, and is at  the same time also used as an argument in general and sustainable  development of the area.


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9. December 2013

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