Mladostniške nosečnosti v Sloveniji


Urška Rajgelj

The author of the monograph ('Teenage Pregnancies In Slovenia') discusses various dealings with teenage pregnancies in Slovenia and abroad using the findings of her own empirical research. The first part of the monograph reviews definitions and considerations of teenage pregnancies as a problem on the national and world level in various actors who also seek to resolve this problem. The second part, however, presents the detailed empirical research, both its quantitative (survey) and ensuing qualitative part (interviews). The survey focused on the identification of pronounced risk factors for teenage pregnancy in Slovenia, and the comparison of fertility behaviour between pregnant teenagers and other pregnant women in the observed population. Afterwards, the author compared the major findings of studies in Slovenia with the results of similar foreign studies. Finally, the results were upgraded by the face-to-face interviews with selected collocutors that had experienced a teenage pregnancy. The major finding shows that the majority of collocutors had experienced teenage pregnancy as an important change in their lives. The pregnancy proved to be an unexpected health risk, a burden in their interpersonal relationship, a change of their social position and also of their life prospects. The monograph offers a deeper and complex insight into the phenomenon of teenage pregnancy. Its findings are conducive to sociology of social work and other scientific disciplines dealing with fertility behaviour of pregnant teenagers.


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6. June 2005


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