Statut mesta Ptuja 1513


Marija Hernja Masten

City of Ptuj has maintained two medieval town statutes, first in 1376 and another in 1513. Both are the only such medieval legal records from mainland today's Slovenia. This book (Statute of Ptuj of 1513brings integral copy of the original German text of the revised statutes of the town of Ptuj in 1513 in parallel with the Slovenian translation. The original statute, which was once under the old Ptuj magistrat's archive 1864 was carried away to Vienna, where he was located at the Austrian National Library until 1983 when he was returned to the Ptuj. Issue statutes scale introduction, a short historical outline of the time, the concordance table of the statutes of both Articles 1376 and 1513 and newer statutes codicological description, prepared by Mary Hernja Msten, and transcription of the original German text with the Slovenian translation, index of places and personal names and an index , prepared by Dusan Kos.


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1. October 1999


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