Pravopis na zrnu graha


Tina Lengar Verovnik (ed.)
Urška Vranjek Ošlak (ed.)

The third monograph in the series “Discussions on Orthography” (preceded by Pravopisna stikanja ['Junctures of Orthography'], 2012, and Pravopisna razpotja ['Orthography at a Cross-Roads'], 2015) provides an opportunity to present the codification process in more detail. The revision of the Slovenian normative guide is accompanied by thorough research and broad deliberations, in which linguists are assisted by experts from other fields. In this way, we hope to move closer to the ultimate ideal. However, the Commission on Orthography at the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts and the Scientific Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts is aware that perfection is difficult to achieve, partly because we respect the diversity of language practises and ideologies. In this respect, we resemble the princess in Andersen's fairy tale; despite many figurative orthographic mattresses and duvets, we wake up repeatedly bruised by orthographic peas. The 22 contributors to the monograph demonstrate precisely this sensitivity to various orthographic and orthography-related issues. Their 19 contributions are thematically grouped in sections titled “The Codification Process: Insights and Observations,” “Dictionaries as Companions to Normative Rules,” “Orthographic and Broader Views on Proper Names and Common Nouns in Slovenian,” “Borrowing in Slovenian: Between Principles and Solid Solutions,” and “Orthography in Cross-Section with Phonetic, Stress, Morphological, and Word Formation Issues.” The monograph Orthography and the Pea thus opens a new perspective on topics that are more or less closely related to the creation of the new orthographic guide.



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1. April 2022


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