Skladnja nadiškega in briškega narečja


The monograph presents selected chapters on syntactic issues of Slovene dialects using the Natisone Valley and Brda dialects as examples. Two peripheral Slovene dialects were selected for analysis, which originate from the same dialect base and belong to the same dialect group today, although the areas in which they are spoken have had different political and administrative frameworks for most of their history. Therefore, in addition to a contrastive comparison of selected syntactic aspects of the dialects with Standard Slovene, the aim of the study was also a contrastive comparison between the dialects themselves, especially with regard to the influence of the Romance contact languages Italian and Friulian on the Natisone Valley dialect and of Standard Slovene on the Brda dialect. After reviewing the selected text corpus, three areas of syntactic description proved to be the most interesting from the point of view of Romance influence: word order, text structure and semantic-syntactic shifts. In identifying the differences between the standard Slovene language and the studied dialects in these three areas, the authoress came across peculiarities in the functional sentence perspective, so the monograph also deals with this syntactic area in detail.


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9. March 2022

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