Šolski etimološki slovar slovenskega jezika 2021

Šolski etimološki slovar slovenskega jezika 2021 ('The Learner's Etymological Dictionary of Slovene') is based on the need to provide younger users, who as yet lack sufficient linguistic and historical background to gain insight into the history and prehistory of the words they use on a daily basis. With this in mind, the etymological explanations are provided in a simplified manner without compromising scholarly veracity.

The entry term is followed by an indication of whether the word is inherited or borrowed. If the word is inherited and arose within the Slovene language, the explanation continues with its word-formation history, followed by its etymological meaning. If a word arose during the Proto-Slavic periods, the explanation provides related words from a selection of Slavic languages and a Proto-Slavic reconstruction, followed by an etymological explanation. If a word is older, the Proto-Slavic reconstruction is followed by material from other Indo-European languages, the presentation of its original form or at least the root and related words, followed by an etymological explanation and, if possible, the original meaning. If a word is borrowed, its foreign source is presented, followed by its etymological explanation.


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17. March 2022

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