Krajevni govor Krope

The monograph ('The Local Dialect of Kropa') is a dialectological presentation of the local dialect of Kropa, which is a Slovenian Linguistic Atlas data-point (T202). The work consists of several chapters: the introductory contains a geographic, administrative and sociohistoric presentations of Kropa and a presentation of the research methods and informants. The introductory part is followed by a grammatical description of the local dialect. On the phonological level stressed front long vowels are especially typical of the Kropa local dialect. The characteristic acoustic impression of the Kropa local dialect is also due to a-like colouring of schwa when followed by the uvular sonorant /ʀ/ and the fact that it lacks švapanje. The morphology of the Kropa local dialect also testifies to its affiliation to the Gorenjsko (Upper Carniolan) dialect. Content words are characterized both by their meaning and syntactic function; their morphological features are also presented. Function words are characterized especially by the grammatical relations they express. A synchronic presentation of inflectional paradigms of nouns, adjectives and verbs are followed by historical clarifications. The grammatical description of the Kropa local dialect is exemplified by dialect texts of informants from Kropa. The monograph concludes with a chapter on the transcripts of the Kropa local dialect in a literary work.


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20. December 2019

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