Slovenska posebnost – dvorec Podšentjur v Podkumu. Od nenavadnega nastanka do desetih rodov rodbine Čop

The monograph discusses the history of the Podšentjur Manor at Podkum to the present day. A special place among the owners of the manor is held by the Čop family, which bought it in 1748 and has farmed the former demesne land without interruption ever since the abolition of serfdom in 1848. The first peculiarity of Podšentjur is the long-lasting ownership of the Čop family, the older of the only two manorial families of non-noble descent that can boast of their roots reaching as far back as the landmark year of 1848. The second peculiarity is the origin of the manor, as it developed in the second half of the sixteenth century from an estate that had been previously owned by the peasant Zavrl family. Over two or three generations, the Zavrls rose from ordinary serfs to seigniors, with the last female family representative even marrying a nobleman. And finally, the third noteworthy peculiarity is that, in the 20th century, the name of the manor sank into oblivion, as did the memory of the Čop house as a former manor and the Čop family as manorial lords and seigniors.


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27. October 2020

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