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Zgodovinski inštitut Milka Kosa / Milko Kos Historical Institute

The book collection Thesaurus memoriae, issued by the Milko Kos Historical Institute, is arranged in three series: Dissertationes, Fontes and Opuscula. The series Dissertationes comprises original scientific monographs on cultural, economic, political and social history, with an emphasis on the Slovenian provinces and their multi-layered historical embeddedness in the European area. The series Fontes is intended for scientific editions of written historical sources from the late Antiquity to 1918 or the end of the First World War. These include historiographical sources from the Middle Ages and the Modern Period, such as charters, urbaria and notary books, as well as materials from the 19th and 20th centuries that shed important light on crucial political and economic processes. The series Opuscula comprises scientific monographs that discuss the problems of historiography in a somewhat narrower chronological and spatial context.

Online ISSN 2738-5159
Print ISSN 1854-2948

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Valvasor. Njegove korenine in potomstvo do danes

Thesaurus memoriae / Dissertationes 13
Boris Golec
10. November 2016

Valvasorji. Med vzponom, Slavo in zatonom

Thesaurus memoriae / Dissertationes 11
Boris Golec
24. December 2015

Dežela – knez – stanovi. Oblikovanje kranjskih deželnih stanov in zborov do leta 1518

Thesaurus memoriae / Dissertationes 7
Andrej Nared
24. June 2009

Čas kolere. Epidemije kolere na Kranjskem v 19. stoletju

Thesaurus memoriae / Dissertationes 6
Katarina Keber
12. September 2007

Blesk zlate krone. Gospodje Svibenski – kratka zgodovina plemenitih nasilnikov

Thesaurus memoriae / Dissertationes 1
Dušan Kos
20. December 2002