Staroverstvo v Sloveniji med religijo in znanostjo


Mateja Belak (ed.)

The book deals with an extraordinary socio-political and environmental-religious phenomenon. In Slovenia, in a special form of heterotopia, a social community preserved, at least until the middle of the 20th century, its political, legal, police and religious independence from the dominant Christian and state system. The authors examine the credibility of the narrative of this hidden society and search for its historical and spatial framework. Their belief system is clearly derived from Old Slavic and corresponds to the concept of primordial monotheism described by post-Christian theology. It is closely related to space, in which it materializes in the form of tripartite spatial structures called tročans. A physical experiment conducted shows that there is a very tangible probability that they regulated the negative effects of local earth magnetism and solar storms. In this way, the people designed the space that offered them more health and therefore a better chance of survival. This is an example of sustainable living. Its significance is becoming more important every day as the weather becomes more and more erratic.



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1. August 2022

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