From Mental Health Awareness To Effective Responses With Less Stigma. Now is the time to put knowledge into practice!


This multi-authored monograph of review articles and original research papers is part of the innovative prevention and promotion programme, Increasing Mental Health Literacy to Manage Mood Disorders (acronym OMRA). The OMRA practitioners have contributed 16 research papers in the fields of mental health, personality disorders, the stigma of mental disorders, and evaluating the impact of the OMRA programme. Three papers were written by external authors based on their own knowledge and experience in the field of mental health.

The authors of the publication are aware that health is not only the absence of disease, but also physical and mental well-being. This does not mean constant elation and happiness, but a state in which a person can cope well with the challenges of everyday life. In contrast to physical illnesses such as diabetes, mental health is much harder to define, which is why this book also aims to raise awareness of the importance of mental health among readers. Everyone will find something interesting and informative in this book and will be able to put this knowledge into practice.



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28. September 2022


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