Iliberalizem in antisemitizem v postkomunizmu v primerjalni perspektivi


Michael Schafir

The seventh Pamphlet contains an essay by Romanian sociologist Michael Shafir, who examines the roots of illiberalism, its resurgence in post-socialist Europe, and its intertwining with anti-Semitism. After an overview of various attempts to analyze the phenomenon and its causes, the author highlights the often-neglected friend-foe boundary that goes back to Carl Schmitt's thinking and is common to illiberals such as Viktor Orbán, Jarosław Kaczyński, Janez Janša, Benjamin Netanyahu, and Donald Trump. Illiberalism is not necessarily a trigger for anti-Semitism, but it can foster it. Shared illiberal values can suppress differences in attitudes toward anti-Semitism, and official positions on anti-Semitism are not sufficient to examine differences between official and popular discourses.


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26. October 2022


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