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Inštitut za kulturne in spominske študije / Institute of Culture and Memory Studies

Since the 18th century, the pamphlet has served as a kind of civic bulletin: it is meant to appeal to citizens, make them think, and make them take a stand. It speaks in a language that everyone understands. The pamphlet is a vehicle for a culture that accepts no nonsense, swallows no insults, and refuses to denigrate a culture of freedom, responsibility, critical thinking, and intellectual independence. The Pamflet series promotes what is emancipatory and good in us and points out the threats. It fights against the destruction of the past, the devaluation of life in the present and the robbery of the future.


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Kovidni režim. Kje smo?

Pamflet 6
Tomaž Mastnak
28. February 2022

Afganistan. Konec okupacije

Pamflet 3
Nancy Lindisfarne, Jonathan Neale
15. November 2021

Za socializem in svobodo mišljenja

Pamflet 2
Albert Einstein
2. March 2021

Fašizem in demokracija

Pamflet 1
George Orwell
9. June 2020