ePravopis 2022


Manca Černivec, Helena Dobrovoljc, Tina Lengar Verovnik, Matej Meterc, Urška Ošlak Vranjek, Peter Weiss

The ePravopis 2022 orthographic dictionary is the corresponding dictionary of the Slovenian normative guide; it includes lexicon from the Slovenian language corpora which explains the normative rules and also provides additional examples. Main entries belonging to the same orthographic rule are linked to the corresponding orthographic category and are presented in the Pravopisne kategorije ePravopisa (Orthographic Categories of ePravopis) which currently includes 91 categories. The dictionary mainly provides information on the problem areas of the expressive language level, especially regarding notation, use of capital letters, writing together or apart, inflection, and phrases. 764 new dictionary entries were added to the existing dictionary. All dictionary entries (currently, there are 8964 published dictionary entries) contain information on inflection; with regard to orthoepy, information on pronunciation was added to the entries.

The 2022 edition of ePravopis focuses on geographic names, especially the illustrations taken from the chapter “Capitalization”. Non-settlement names, names of cities, names of regions and names of structures are included. These are the categories that cause problems for users because of notation, the formation of adjectives and demonyms, or the use of prepositions. Proper names for treaties, declarations, etc., translated and adapted into Slovenian have also been included for examples that could lead to confusion about the official name. The personal proper names are mostly illustrations taken from the guidelines for borrowing from Italian or the chapter “Borrowing Guidelines”.


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20. February 2023

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