Hodopisi. Zbirka etnografskih esejev z metodološkimi premisleki o hoji in pisanju

Altogether, the book ('Footnotes. Ethnographic essays with methodological reflections on walking and writing') encompasses ten texts, seven of which are anthropological essays, accompanied by two introductory texts and an epilogue on walking and writing as two long-established, but here freshly reappraised, methods of anthropological research. The essays take us across Istria, Goričko, Porabje, Koroška, and the Julian Alps, com­ing on the back of a preliminary brainstorming session between researchers from a variety disciplines and fields, before finally carving out distinct paths. Something be­tween what is an academic text and an essay. By focusing on steps, words, and paths, whether walked or written, the book seeks to illuminate the in-between spaces, under­standing walking and writing as a cognitive process, part of the fieldwork experience, a long conversation that meanders between the circuits of life. The book’s seven med­itative essays therefore foreground hybrid, liminal and bold writing that is quintessen­tially anthropological.


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20. March 2023

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