Tridesetletna vojna in Slovenci. Evropski konflikt in slovenski prostor v prvi polovici 17. stoletja


After confessional conflicts had been intensifying for decades, the Defenestration of Prague on 23 May 1618 finally unleashed a spiral of upheavals known to history by the syntagm Thirty Years’ War. This catastrophe, during which central Europe underwent several phases of devastation, represents one of the major caesuras in the history of the old continent. Although this “original catastrophe”, as the Thirty Years’ War is also dubbed, did not wreak such havoc on Slovenian ethnic territory as it did in Germany or Bohemia, for example, it left a profound mark on the European Early Modern Period, which also demands attention from Slovenian historiographers. This volume seeks to address this justifiable need. The book ('The Thirty Years’ War and the Slovenians: The European Conflict and Slovenian Territory in the First Half of the Seventeenth Century') is a compilation of research articles by eighteen authors who discuss a broad variety of topics in independent chapters. The volume examines the events and process of the Thirty Years’ War in present-day Slovenia in an interdisciplinary manner by placing the war in a broader timeframe, presenting some of its key military aspects and their impact on Slovenian territory, and by addressing confessional issues, topics in literary history, as well as music and visual art.


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18. January 2021


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