Od ljudskega gledališča do uprizarjanja dediščine

In this monograph ('From Folk Theatre to Heritage Staging'), the author presents in a modern theoretical and conceptual way the contemporary forms of occurrence, transformation and diversity of folk theatre in Slovenia. She is especially interested in the functions and the role of the selected examples of contemporary folk theatre for various communities. She uses selected examples of contemporary folk theatre and field research to present possible connections between the selected examples and tries to answer the question “Why stage your own heritage?”.

Empirically-based research on contemporary folk theatre brings an in-depth analysis of heritage staging up to 2022 and is complemented by fieldwork and interviews. A thoughtful selection of examples has been made in order to show the diversity of contemporary folk theatres, while outlining different approaches and ways of staging cultural heritage. The monograph presents a collection of various examples of contemporary folk theatre in Slovenia, offers insight into one of the possible approaches to researching the theory and content of this sort of folk performances and opens up new questions for further research.


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16. August 2023


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