Poetika slovenske slovstvene folklore. Besedna umetnost v koreninah


Marija Stanonik

The monograph is a pioneer work in Slovenia on the three types of poetics of folk creation, i.e. sound, image and composition. The work shows how Slovenian (folk) man responds to reality on a linguistic-aesthetic level, how he names, narrates and at the same time helps to shape it. The first chapter is devoted to sound poetics, e.g., the translation and folk meaning of birdcalls and bells; in the chapter on visual poetics, the author discusses the perception and representation of space, fairy-tale creatures, colours, numbers; in the last chapter on composition, she emphasises the importance of the category of time and the logic of the formation of beginnings and endings in narrative, especially in Kračman's fairy tales and the individual poetics of Gašper Križnik. Using a very diverse and rich material, the author illustrates the extraordinary metaphorical abilities of the Slovenian people and proves that even grammatical folklore has its own aesthetic laws, or as she says in her conclusion, "... in grammatical folklore - if it is the art of spoken language! - there is always an aesthetic function as well."


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11. September 2023

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