Pospeševanje skozi zgodovino. Avtomobili med stereotipi in statistiko

The book tries to answer the questions – what is a car and what impact does it have on our lives – by linking anecdotal information in the form of interesting car stereotypes with verifiable statistics. The car is one of the most influential inventions of the modern era, transforming our habits as well as entire cities in about a century and a half. The idea of the car has become so ingrained in our brains that we can no longer imagine life without it, and most of us do not even want to. Due to focus on data analysis, the book is richly illustrated with charts that further explain selected statistical elements about cars. The book provides a historical overview of the early development of the means of transport, followed by an account of the consequences of the industrialization of car production and the emergence of meaningful national stereotypes. In recent decades, however, the industry has outgrown political constraints and cars around the world have become increasingly similar. The book analyses some of the more interesting features of cars, from size, power and speed, to colour and age. Environmental impacts and road safety are also described, with a look to the future.


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12. September 2023

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