Zeleni prehod na regionalni ravni

The European Union's Green Deal aims to make Europe climate neutral by 2050, boost the economy with green technology, create sustainable industry and mobility, and reduce pollution. Alongside environmental and economic goals, it also emphasises social justice and inclusion for all. The Green Transition is particularly important at regional level, as it is strongly linked to regional resources and its success depends on the potential and capacity of regions to transform themselves into green, sustainable and socially just environments with thriving economies. This monograph ('Green Transition at the Regional Level') is a contribution to this. The authors address the spatial aspects of the energy transition and the issue of local energy concepts, assessing the role of revitalising functionally degraded areas for the green transition and undeveloped building land in the light of sustainable mobility. In the area of mobility, the focus is on mobility poverty and the role of cycling for the green transition, two chapters deal with agricultural adaptation and area branding as an approach to rural development, and the last chapter presents the experience of strategic development and innovation partnerships, using the circular economy as an example.



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23. October 2023

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