Slovenian punk & photography, overview exhibition. Aspects of the Slovenian punk movement in photography from 1977 to the mid-1980s, as well as the period before and after punk


The catalogue Slovenian Punk & Photography was published on the occasion of the comprehensive exhibition SLOVENIAN PUNK & PHOTOGRAPHY that connects photography with various aspects of the Slovenian punk movement from 1977 to the mid-1980s, as well as the periods before and after punk. The exhibition also encompasses subcultural and alternative events in Ljubljana during the 1980s, including a focus on the emergence of the LGBT+ community in the 1980s, with groups like Laibach and other bold and subversive activities.
The exhibition provides an insight into the important role of photography in documenting and being a vehicle for the expression of the Slovenian punk movement and other subcultural events of that time. Photography became essential for expressing the punk ethos, conveying messages about social and political issues, and creating visual imagery that reflected the spirit of the time.
The Slovenian punk scene was known for its independence and criticism of the political system and social norms of the time. However, it was also a pro-socialist, working-class, youth-oriented, and rebellious attitude in response to social injustice, political apathy, and economic crisis. This energy also became instrumental in transforming Slovenian photography itself.

From the catalogue editorial, Marina Gržinić, curator of the exhibition SLOVENIAN PUNK & PHOTOGRAPHY



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30. November 2023

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