Svetloba tudi v temì. Dante Alighieri (1265–1321), pesnik in vizionar (Ob 700 letnici pesnikove smrti)

A scientific monograph illuminates the poet Dante Alighieri as one of the most unique, enigmatic, and historically innovative authors in the history of humankind. Dante appears not only to be a poet and a profound thinker but above all as a prominent literary artist, theologian, and philosopher, whose opus remains until nowadays not fully discovered and not always properly understood European intellectual. The reader is encouraged to attempt of renewed interpretation of the poetic vision that arose from Dante’s verses. The cultural-historical background and certain crucial questions about Dante’s age are also significantly enlightened. The book offers special insight into the poet’s individual (spiritual personal “laboratory”) worldview of which (main) source is still under question.

The detailly studied chapters, that present Dante Alighieri from different points of view (biographical, cultural-historical, philologically and literary comparative, poet(olog)ical, theological, art-historical etc.) are written by the researchers: Neža Zajc, Igor Škamperle, Brane Senegačnik, Marko Marinčič, Sonja Weiss, Alen Širca, Ignac Navernik, Ines Vodopivec, Milosav Gudović, Igor Grdina, Martina Ožbot and Nunzio Ruggerio. The Summaries of the individual chapters are provided in Italian, English, and Slovene. Additionally, the content is indicated with a precised index of names.

This book is dedicated to the memory of an academic and the prominent philologist Dr. Kajetan Gantar.

Co-published with KUD LOGOS.




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20. June 2023


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