Zakulisje evropskih projektov

What is happening behind the scenes of European projects? This book ('The Backstage of European Projects') peels back the curtain, exposing invisible project practices, tacit agreements, unwritten rules, unusual rituals, and the mysterious project language. It elucidates the dynamics within the project "family" from a fresh perspective, presenting the modes of cooperation and management pivotal in determining the success or failure of research & development projects.

This book will invite some readers to start thinking critically about their own and others' project practices. Others might feel exposed, while some will simply dismiss it, claiming that their project is different and better. Regardless, the book will take readers into the projects’ backstage, unveiling activities that are typically not discussed in public, yet significantly influence acquisition of projects and shape their trajectories.

Perhaps most importantly, the author of this book not only possesses an anthropological insight into the subject but is also a project manager with extensive experience in managing projects. Consequently, the book merges theoretical understanding with practical expertise, catering to those seeking to enhance their academic understanding as well as those interested in applying for, obtaining, and successfully implementing European projects.


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15. January 2024

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