Ledinska imena Slovenskega Porabja


Matjaž Geršič, Mojca Kumin Horvat, Primož Pipan, Martin Ropoš, Manca Volk Bahun

The thematic map Ledinska imena Slovenskega Porabja ('Microtoponyms in the Rába Valley') is aimed at the general public, especially the local population of the Rába Valley region. The map consists of a cartographic and a textual part. The cartographic basis of the map is a digital orthophoto image with the boundaries of the settlements in the Rába Valley, which are officially multilingual. The microtoponyms on the map are written in a broad phonetic transcription. The text part of the map contains a glossary of the identified microtoponyms. In addition to the broad phonetic transcription, each glossary entry contains the names in narrow phonetic transcription, and standardized transcription. The entries also include references to the names in archival sources and the possible motivation for the naming or the etymology of the name, if known. It is hoped that the glossary will help to preserve these microtoponyms in people's memories and at the same time promote their everyday use in communication.


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11. March 2024


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