Franc Henrik Raigersfeld. Dnevniki 1697–1759

The edition of the diaries of one of the most prominent politicians, officials and influential personalities in Slovenia in the first half of the 18th century, Franz Heinrich Baron of Raigersfeld (1697–1760), is an important and rare historical source in Slovenia for the study of the political and social structures of the Habsburg state and administration on Slovenian territory in the (pre)enlightenment era. Raigersfeld was one of the most interesting personalities of his time: traveler and tourist, state and provincial official, mercantilist and entrepreneur, cosmopolitan and traditionalist, loving family father, antique collector and much more. He was a witness to some of the breaking political events in Habsburg history, but in his diaries he also recorded everyday life. Due to the author's precision and curiosity, his diaries can be regarded as socio-political annals and an excellent source for the study of noble culture, the introduction of material and technical acquisitions, career paths, children's education, entertainment, art, etc., in the Habsburg lands. They also bear witness to the formation of life patterns that are still present today, e.g. in food, entrepreneurship and managing family finances, tourism habits, etc.

The transcript of the diaries is an e-only published appendix (ISBN 978-961-05-0837-3).




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