Slovar neglagolske vezljivosti v slovenščini 2023

Slovar neglagolske vezljivosti v slovenščini 2023 ('Dictionary of non-verbal valency in Slovenian 2023') contains 500 entries, encompassing a representative display of non-verbal valency with them. Non-verbal valency or valence highlights properties and relationships that can be expressed, especially with adjectives and nouns. The particularity of these proportional adjectives and nouns lies in their proportional meanings, allowing them to establish further external binding relationships with other words that appear as their bindable participants. Adjectives thus open up their binding capabilities, such as good for, lazy for, crazy about (someone or something). With nouns, binding fields are triggered, like money for (something), road to (something/somewhere), price for (something), father (to whom), friend (to whom), etc. The presentation of valency is complemented by the section on Established Phrases, which adds compatibility of words in the most commonly used phrase expressions. We can argue that valency, as one of the fundamental conditions for word-syntax, is simultaneously a good indicator of the state and changes in Slovenian syntax, and thus also an indicator of the current abilities of syntax in Slovenian in general.


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4. April 2024

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