Slovar slovenskega knjižnega jezika 16. stoletja 2023


Andreja Legan Ravnikar, Metod Čepar, Alenka Jelovšek, Eva Trivunović, Mitja Trojar

The first yearly addition to the explanatory historical Dictionary of the 16th-Century Slovenian Literary Language (eSSKJ16, 2023) presents 200 words, beginning with E and F attested in the Slovenian literary language in the period of its establishment, i.e. during the Reformation. The dictionary entries include Slovenian material from all printed works of Protestant writers from 1550 to 1603, but not from contemporary manuscripts by other authors. The entries were only partly selected in alphabetical order, as semantically or formally related headwords within E in F were given priority. The comprehensive dictionary presentation of words at various levels includes information on parts of speech, frequency, inflection and accent reconstruction etc., as well as hierarchically structured semantic descriptions supplemented by modern equivalents (intralingual translation); phrases and multi-word terms are highlighted. The dictionary data are illustrated with examples from original texts. The structure of the dictionary entries and other information (cross-referencing of sources, list of references used) is presented in the introduction.


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4. April 2024

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