Terminološki slovarji 2023


Simon Atelšek, Tanja Fajfar, Mateja Jemec Tomazin, Jera Sitar, Mitja Trojar, Mojca Žagar Karer

The publication Terminološki slovarji 2023 ('Terminological Dictionaries 2023') contains new dictionary entries created in 2023 as part of seven terminological dictionaries co-authored by subject field experts and terminologists. The publication includes 2478 dictionary entries, namely 395 from the field of agronomy, 193 from the field of physiotherapy, 591 from the field of firefighting, 275 from the field of theatre, 158 from the field of criminology, 722 from the field of computer science and 144 from the field of animal science. Among the dictionary entries, there are 2124 consisting of the term, grammatical information, definition and possible synonyms and abbreviations, as well as 354 cross-references that guide the user to the preferred term, which serves to harmonise the terminology. The entries from the fields of agronomy, physiotherapy, criminology, computer science and animal science also have English equivalents, while the entries from the field of firefighting have also German equivalents in addition to the English ones. The publication is intended to keep the interested specialist public up to date with new dictionary entries that are created as part of larger terminographic projects.


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4. April 2024

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