Osebnosti slovenske humanistike in družboslovja


Mateja Ratej (ed.)

In the monograph Personalities of the Slovenian humanities and social sciences, the authors of biographical studies have devoted themselves to personalities from various eras who, in academic circles, have more or less visibly, more or less resoundingly and more or less significantly explained and thus helped to shape the social reality of the Slovenian region. At a time of fleeting and superficial readings of reality dictated by the transition of societies to digitalization, it seems particularly useful to point out the nature of the work of humanists and social scientists, which requires a full and slow devotion to the principles of systematics, concentration, analysis and separation of the essential from the multitude of distractions in the observation of rapidly changing social circumstances. As Boris A. Novak, professor emeritus of the University of Ljubljana, wrote in his review, the book sheds new light on the enormous knowledge and curiosity of scholars who contributed significantly to the height and international significance of Slovenian humanities and social sciences in the dramatic 20th century. Therefore, the book also fulfils the pedagogical task of educating new generations of researchers.


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2. April 2024

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