Osebni zaimki in nastajajoča slovenska knjižna norma

The monograph presents the development of Slovenian personal pronouns from the earliest written sources to the mid-nineteenth century, when the modern literary language system of personal pronouns was mainly established. The main focus is on the Protestant period, while the next three centuries are presented mainly in the light of the preservation or change of tradition, as reflected in the various Slovenian grammars and in the editions of the Catholic lectionary. Pronouns are presented at three linguistic levels: orthographical, morphological and morphosyntactical (the relationship between long and short forms of pronouns, the redundant use of the unemphasized pronominal subject). Their use to express politeness and the impersonal use of the pronoun ono under the influence of German are also described. The developmental tendencies of personal pronouns, which can be traced throughout the whole period under consideration, are particularly highlighted.


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6. May 2024

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